What does blinking in the car mean?

If light flashes on your car, this can have various causes – from a subtle note to a warning. We will inform you about the respective meaning.

The meaning of different colors

What does the blinking in your car mean? On the instrument panel in your car there are various, partially flashing warnings, warnings, and warning lights. You can use it to read the condition of your vehicle at any time. The indicator lights can flash green or yellow or light up yellow or red. If one of these lamps comes on, you have to find out the reason. A green lamp indicates a function. A yellow one gives a warning. The red lamp, however, reports a danger. It is not necessary that you know the meaning of each lamp by heart. But it is important to keep the logbook with you. The meaning of each individual lamp is recorded there. When buying a used car, the best thing to do is to make sure it is not missing. Otherwise, it can be difficult

A flashing of warning lights does not always mean danger

The meaning of the individual indicator lights differs individually. Some of the lights have a similar symbol in the different vehicle models. This affects, for example, the alternator or the immobilizer. This will help you find your way around when you change your car.

  • The flashing indicator light always lights up green and shows in the vehicle whether you want to drive right or left. This depends on how you switched the flashing lever. The flashing frequency is 1.5 Hertz, i.e. 90 pulses per minute. If the frequency of the flashing is almost twice as high, there is a defect in the flashing light in most cases. Then a lamp replacement is necessary to fix the problem.
  • If your display shows a green A with an arrow around it, the start-stop system has switched off the engine. If you press the clutch or release the foot brake, the engine should start again.
  • If a small and green speedometer appears while driving, the cruise control is activated. This keeps the desired speed constant. The lamp goes out immediately when the speed is no longer controlled.
  • If you drive a car with a diesel engine, you have probably seen a small yellow coil. This flashes briefly when you switch on the ignition. This means that the diesel engine is preheated so that it starts better.
  • If a small yellow motor lights up in your display, you should go to a workshop by the shortest route. Drive slowly or have your vehicle towed. This indicator light indicates that the exhaust gas cleaning system, the ignition system, the injection system or, in the worst case, the camshaft drive could be defective.
  • The engine light, oil indicator light, and some other lights turn red when there is a risk of a defect in the vehicle. In this case, it is not possible to continue driving.

Some indicator lights only show a warning that is for your information. If a lamp flashes red, an immediate reaction is necessary. Otherwise, your vehicle can break down in the worst case.

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