TV in the car

Until a few years ago it was still a pure luxury, but it is now cheap to retrofit. Anyone who travels with children often should find the opportunity interesting. Distraction while driving can also be dangerous.

Pay attention to security and connections when buying

Ceiling monitors for your car with DVD players are available for less than € 200. New headrests with the integrated TV are available from € 120. In order to receive television, you need a DVB-T receiver. For a separate antenna that is designed for mobile vehicle reception, you can calculate an additional 150-200 €. The receivers can be installed invisibly in the car. Pay attention to the connections when buying. Can a DVB-T antenna be connected? Can videos be played from a USB stick? Can game consoles be connected? In addition, the monitor should tolerate heat, otherwise, the device will not survive the next summer trip.

The reception is not good everywhere

DVB-T technology is not well developed everywhere. Reception is good in many cities, less in remote locations or on the motorway. This leads to disturbances. Amplifiers improve reception, but that won’t do much in poorly developed areas. If you travel a lot in peripheral areas, the investment is worthwhile.

Watching TV in the car is dangerous

A big danger is a distraction. Before you buy, consider whether someone is bothered by watching TV in the back seat or playing with a console. As a driver, you don’t get the benefits of television. Because of the high risk of distraction, television is of course taboo for the driver, even if it is not expressly prohibited in the StVO. In addition, poorly assembled devices become dangerous throwing objects in the event of heavy braking or an accident.

This is how you ensure more security

When you set up a television reception for your children, you should set rules for the volume beforehand. It is even better if your passengers use headphones. Wireless models are practical in the car. Then the ride can be more relaxed for you – after all, the little ones no longer nag while driving. After connecting, you should make sure that everything is securely mounted so that there are no problems in traffic. If the monitor is not properly fixed, heavy braking becomes a danger. Therefore, you should refrain from building a system with portable DVD players yourself – rather rely on safety-tested assemblies.


Watching TV in the car has some advantages and disadvantages. Children are busy so the ride is quieter. The car ride is an experience. A stuck device is also safer than a portable DVD player. These are often not held correctly by children and therefore become a danger in the event of an accident. Reception is not guaranteed everywhere (however, most devices also have a DVD player) and the driver can be distracted from the traffic if no headphones are connected. In general, the installation is worthwhile if you drive a lot of long distances and your passengers are bored. Then it is an affordable luxury that loosens the journey on vacation.

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