The car damage occurred: what to do?

Immediately take the following safety precautions:
Secure the accident site
Take care of the injured
Notify doctor
Notify the police in the event of major damage and injuries
The position of the vehicles must be preserved.
In the event of minor damage, you should clear the intersection

Let the opponent’s identification papers show you. Write down:

You can obtain forms for accident reports from your insurance company
Registration number and address of the vehicle owner
Insurance company and insurance number, if not known Central number of car insurers
Place and time of the accident
Names and addresses of accident witnesses
Accident log (IMPORTANT do not acknowledge guilt)
The insurance company assesses the legal situation of the accident.
Take photos from different points of view

Central call of car insurers
You can find out here when specifying the official license plate

Name and address of the keeper
Insurance company where the car is insured

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