Purchase contract: the content aspects

In the purchase contract, the most important points regarding the car to be purchased should be recorded in black and white. It is very easy if you use our sample purchase contract.

Car sales contract

In addition to a series of clearly defined legal regulations, you should include all individually agreed agreements or details in the vehicle purchase contract. Only sign it if it contains the correct information. The purchase contract should be in two identical versions – you as the buyer and the seller each receive a signed copy. If the seller is under the age of 18 and is not yet fully legally competent, you should insist on a written authorization to sell.

vehicle identification

A vehicle is only clearly identified with the vehicle identification number and the number of the vehicle registration document or registration certificate II. Further important information is the day of the first registration, the mileage, the number of previous owners and the next date for the main and exhaust gas inspection.

Is accident free?

Have yourself confirmed that the vehicle is free of accidents? Otherwise, the type of damage should be described as precisely as possible and the type of repair. In addition, get all of the expert opinions and invoices still available from the buyer and include them as an attachment to the vehicle sales contract.

Commercial operations

Make a note that the vehicle has not been used commercially (for example, as a driving school or rental car). Otherwise, it should be particularly pointed out, even if it is an import vehicle.

Major repairs

Has the vehicle received a replacement engine or a new transmission? If a major repair was already necessary, this should be mentioned in the purchase contract, including the mileage of the new units.


Does your dream vehicle have defects? Then describe them as precisely as possible in the purchase contract: What is the defect? When did it occur? When was it fixed and how?


Of course, the price is also set in the purchase contract. As a rule, the seller confirms with his signature that he has received the sum. You as the buyer acknowledge receipt of the vehicle, the keys, and the corresponding documents.

Tip: Be sure to use a car sales contract and note:

  • Buyers and sellers each keep an identical copy.
  • Write down all agreements and agreements in writing in the purchase contract.
  • Do not sign until all questions have been resolved by mutual agreement.

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