Mobile seat heating for the car – advantages and disadvantages

Seat heating is not only comfortable in winter. If your car does not have one at the factory, you can retrofit a mobile seat heater – we will give you tips.

The seat heating provides pleasant warmth

Seat heating is often part of the equipment package that many vehicle manufacturers offer with auxiliary and windscreen heating and other components. As a rule, it is available to the driver and the front passenger and is regulated separately. The seat heating provides pleasant warmth in a short time, which is an advantage in the winter months. But even with back ailments, the warmth is beneficial during long car journeys. If a seat heater is not installed in the vehicle, it is usually not possible to retrofit the original. Because you need new seats in which the cables for the control system are laid. The effort would be very large and is not recommended. This is remedied by a mobile seat heater for the car, which can be integrated into almost any vehicle regardless of the vehicle type. You can install a seat cover or seat covers on the seat. These can be removed at any time and used in different vehicles.

Installation in the car

You can get a mobile seat heater for your car from various manufacturers. For example, Waeco supplies sophisticated products that are easy to use. Similar to the integrated seat heating, they offer a choice between different heating levels. The size of the mattress pads or seat covers is adapted to the average size of a car seat. So the mobile seat heaters are compatible with many vehicles and you don’t need to worry about the fit.

How the mobile seat heating works

You can get a mobile seat heater in the car accessories store. It is a heated seat cover that is supplied with electricity. Usually, the power is supplied via the cigarette lighter. There are seat heaters that are connected to the on-board electronics. However, this is complex and the requirements are not mobile. If you want to install a seat cover for each of the occupants, you need a power connection for each model. The distributors for the cigarette lighter are also available from the accessories trade. This allows you to connect two seat heaters to a cigarette lighter.

Installation of the mobile seat heating

The installation of the mobile seat heating is child’s play. Simply place it on the seat and connect to the on-board power supply. Then you turn on the heating and select the desired temperature. The seat becomes warm within a few moments.

Retrofit seat heating for a low price

You can get a mobile seat heaters with a good price-performance ratio from just 20 euros each. Since the seat cover completely covers the seat, leather or fabric are protected. It is worth buying twice. As an alternative, there are seat covers that you can stretch over the seat. These models are less flexible to use and not so easy to change.

Advantages and disadvantages of the mobile variant

Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. A permanently installed seat heater is an advantage in a motor vehicle. You avoid cable clutter, which is a problem, especially when using multiple seat heaters. Mobile seat heating, on the other hand, is inexpensive, easy to retrofit and can be used in different vehicles. In addition, the soft materials feel comfortable even on longer trips. The disadvantage is the wiring, which is mainly done via the cigarette lighter.

So if a seat heater is important to you and you may be thinking about buying a new car, it is best to make sure that your new car is equipped with a permanently installed seat heater.

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