How to Save fuel ?

There are a lot of ways to save on gasoline costs and reduce fuel consumption. Which are particularly effective?

The first outcry towards economical cars came in 1999 with the appearance of the VW Lupo 3L TDI – the world’s first three-liter vehicle to be built in series. Keep in mind that at that time gasoline prices were still less than half as high as today – one reason why saving fuel was far less important. Today, saving fuel costs is an explosive topic like never before, because hardly anyone is not annoyed by the steadily rising fuel prices.

The 3-liter car led the way – ever since newer technologies to reduce consumption have followed suit. Be it through the advance of alternative drives or through alternative fuels. Almost every well-known manufacturer now has a hybrid, if not even electric cars in its portfolio. It does not always have to be a fuel-saving car or a retrofit to noticeably save costs. Just follow these tips:

  • Always accelerate as little as possible
  • Never fully depress the accelerator pedal even on the highway
  • Shift into second gear immediately after starting off
  • Do you drive as low as possible (in high gears) ?? for example, engage the fifth gear in localities
  • Drive with foresight: try to keep your car moving and to get off the ground as little as possible
  • Make even with short waiting times the motor from
  • Do not let the engine warm-up before starting
  • Walk short distances: with a cold engine, consumption is many times higher for the first few kilometers
  • Refuel you in the long term with favorable gas stations: they stimulate competition at that!
  • Carry out all necessary inspections regularly
  • Leave unnecessary luggage or ballast at home: the lighter the vehicle, the lower the consumption
  • Reduce the rolling resistance of the tires by increasing the tire pressure by up to 0.2 bar above the manufacturer’s specification (or switch to fuel-saving tires )
  • Chiptuning can save up to 1.5 liters of fuel despite additional performance
  • Do you switch off devices that are not currently required? especially the air conditioning
  • Keep the windows closed when driving

As you can see, there is a lot that can be done to save fuel. Try these tips after refueling and save more than 30 percent on your gasoline costs. However, please note that the tank volume can also be related to fuel consumption.

Do you want to see the result in black and white? Then try our consumption calculator and be amazed at the difference. With the gasoline cost calculator, you can quickly and easily determine how much the daily trip to the office or the next vacation destination actually costs. You will also find detailed tips on saving fuel costs.

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