Cut windscreen wipers – how it works

Windshield wipers can be easily cut with the right tools. Here you can find out how to do it and whether it is really worth it.

Worn windscreen wipers become brittle over time and cause streaks. An alternative to the replacement can be the trimming of the wiper rubbers. All you need is a special tool that is available in stores from 15 euros under the name Wipro or Eco cut. It consists of a plastic housing with a guide rail and a blade that sharpens the tip of the wiper.

This is how you cut your windshield wipers

The use of the post-cutter is very simple:

  • Fold up the wiper blade.
  • Clean the wiper rubbers with a wet sponge.
  • There is a groove on the cutter. Slide the wiper in until you feel resistance.
  • Now pull the device evenly along the wiper – quickly and with light pressure.
  • You can now see a narrow rubber strip that the blade cuts off precisely in the device.
  • Clean the wiper blade again with a wet sponge and repeat the process with the second wiper.
  • Test the rubber with your finger. Now you can feel that the wiper blades have a sharp profile.
  • Finally, test the result using the windscreen washer system. You should no longer see any streaks.
  • If the wipe pattern is not yet perfect, simply repeat the process.

When re-cutting doesn’t work

  • The device cannot do anything against hardened rubber. This often happens with used cars with long service life. Only exchange helps here. Regular care of the wiper rubbers with glycerin or special agents from the auto accessories trade delays the aging process.
  • After trimming three or four times, the moving part of the rubber is used up. Then new wiper blades have to be purchased.
  • Depending on the price for a set of new wiper blades, the small device (from 15 euros) can quickly pay off. If possible, pay attention to branded goods, because cheap wipers usually do not last long.

The device is particularly practical for owners of less common car models. The right spare part is sometimes not available even when traveling. Then the cutter is worth gold.

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