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A defective car battery is one of the most common causes of breakdowns in German road traffic. If this fails, the vehicle can no longer be started. It is therefore important that you change your car battery regularly to keep your vehicle intact.

Changing the battery on the car is one of the tasks that vehicle owners can usually do themselves. However, there are a few aspects to consider so that the exchange is successful:

When should you change the car battery?

If the vehicle no longer starts, this is usually due to a defective car battery. If it is unusable, it must be replaced. Because a repair is not possible.

How can the battery discharge quickly?

Cold winter days are one of the most common causes of low charge. In cold and frost, the battery needs higher currents to start the vehicle. The more time it takes to start the engine, the lower the charging capacity of the battery.

If the vehicle is not used for a long period of time, it also ensures that the car battery discharges comparatively quickly. Because some electrical devices in the vehicle are constantly under-voltage and thus continuously use energy from the car battery. Short distances, heated seats, and incorrectly set voltage regulators can also affect the performance of the battery.

The battery can often be fully recharged using a good charger. With a little knowledge, you can charge the car battery even without removing it. However, if the car battery is older, it may be worth replacing it in good time due to the limited service life.

Why the battery should be changed regularly

The battery should not only be replaced if there is a recognizable defect. Instead, it is recommended to replace the component approximately every five to seven years to avoid an empty car battery. If you no longer know how long the last battery change was, you can check the performance. For this, you can use a conventional multimeter, which can indicate the capacity of the battery.

Further signs of a necessary replacement of the car battery

The following situations are also signs that you should change your car battery:

  1. If your vehicle does not start on the first or second attempt in winter, the battery performance could be impaired.
  2. If your headlights only shine weakly, this is often due to reduced battery capacity.

What needs to be considered when buying a new battery?

Before you can charge your battery, you obviously need a fresh car battery. There are a few things to consider when buying:

First, you should note that traction batteries are needed for electric cars, while starter batteries are in conventional vehicles. In addition, the technical data of the element must be checked.

Finally, you should know the dimensions of your current battery in order to find a suitable new one. Otherwise, it cannot be attached properly or is too large for the holder. To measure the height, length, and width and follow them when buying the new battery. The capacity, which is specified in ampere-hours (Ah), must also be taken into account. This information enables you to find the right model for your battery replacement in retail stores.

Changing the car battery: Instructions

Have you noticed that your car battery no longer has the required capacity? In any case, you always have the option of having the battery in the car replaced by an expert in the workshop. So you can be sure that it will be used properly. However, switching is one of the tasks that most drivers carry out themselves at home. So that you can change your car battery correctly, we have put together all the important steps in the following instructions.

Which tool is needed?

Special tools are usually not required for this task. However, a wrench or screwdriver and pliers are required. Alternatively, a ratchet can be used to remove the old car battery.

Tip: Polfett or Polspray Polspray and Polfett are often used as corrosion protection. It is intended to ensure that any acid that escapes is neutralized in order to avoid oxidation of the contacts.

How do I prepare to replace the car battery?

To ensure that you do not endanger yourself or other people and do not damage your vehicle, you should ensure a safe working environment at the beginning. That means:

  • Park on an unused, clear and level surface.
  • Keep a clear distance from open flames.
  • Do not smoke near your vehicle.
  • Put on work clothes, gloves, and safety glasses.

Also, keep in mind that vehicle power will be cut when you replace the car battery. Devices such as a navigation system or a radio often require the entry of a PIN code when starting up again ?? so have it ready.

Finally, you should prepare the vehicle for replacement:

  • Switch off all electrical components in the vehicle.
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Open and lock the bonnet.
  • Look for the car battery. In many cars, this is provided with a plastic cover.
  • Remove the cover.

Now you can replace the car battery.

How do I change a car battery?

When changing the car battery, there is an order that must be followed. Otherwise short circuits or flying sparks can damage the motor. For this reason, we have put together a car battery replacement guide below to help you with the implementation:

Step 1: Remove the old battery

You can recognize the car battery by its box shape and the two poles, to each of which a cable is connected. With newer batteries, the poles are often colored red and blue or red and black – the positive pole is red. One of the most common questions when changing the car battery is: First plus or minus?

Important: Always disconnect the negative pole first! Otherwise, flying sparks or even a short circuit can occur. So you do the following:

  1. Unscrew the nut from the negative pole and disconnect the black connecting cable.
  2. Loosen the nut from the positive pole in order to be able to remove the red cable here.
  3. Loosen the screws of the bracket system.
  4. If the car battery is now exposed, you can remove it.

Attention: A car battery for the car weighs between ten and 30 kilograms. You should take this into account when replacing the battery.

Step 2: Insert the new battery

After removing the old battery, insert the new battery into the corresponding battery compartment. Then you should fix the battery using the bracket system and tighten the bracket screws. Now you can connect the new car battery.

Step 3: Connect the battery

In order to connect the new car battery, it is essential to proceed in reverse order. So you first attach the red cable to the positive pole and tighten the nut. Then attach the black cable to the negative pole and also tighten the nut and screw here.

Attention: If you want to use pole grease or pole spray, now is the right time!

Tip: put on polar caps! It makes sense to put polar caps on the battery poles. This allows them to be safely covered and protected against short circuits.

Finally, you can replace the battery cover, close the hood and start your vehicle. You may also have to enter the relevant PIN codes after starting your electrical devices.

Step 4: Discard the old battery

Make sure that you dispose of the old battery properly. The car component must never be disposed of with household waste. You can usually return the car battery to a recycling center. But workshops and shops for car accessories often accept old car batteries. A small fee may apply.

Changing the car battery: what to consider?

If you would like to change your car battery yourself using our instructions, you will find additional tips below that will make it easier for you to carry out:

  • The car battery was not always installed under the hood. In some vehicles, it can also be in the trunk.
  • Some larger vehicles can have multiple car batteries.
  • A bracket system for the car battery makes sense. In this way, you ensure that the accumulator can neither slip nor fall out.
  • If the battery terminals are corroded, they should be cleaned before changing the battery. You can use a brush or a small wire brush for this.
  • Always wear gloves when changing the car battery.

In this way, you protect your hands from any escaping, harmful acids.

  • Do not wear jewelry on your hands as this could be damaged during the change.
  • Make sure that the two poles are never connected to each other.
  • It makes sense to have the car battery checked twice a year. This way you can recognize when you should change the car battery in a good time.

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