Advice: Why a traffic lawyer makes sense in every case of damage

As soon as you are involved in a traffic accident, it makes sense to hire a traffic lawyer for your concerns. Many people shy away from doing this in the case of pure sheet metal damage, especially if they are not to blame for the accident itself. But the basic rule is: if you are a layperson in legal questions – not accidentally studying traffic law yourself – then you should definitely consult a lawyer.

The best news first: no guilt – no costs
If you were the victim of a traffic accident through no fault of your own, you should immediately contact the legal adviser, ie a lawyer, because:

If you are not to blame for the accident, your third-party liability insurance must cover the costs for the traffic lawyer.

German case law regulates accident damage for accident victims without complicity in such a way that the injured, innocent party is again treated as if the accident had not happened. With regard to the lawyer, this means that since the insurance companies involved are familiar with traffic law and have a legal department, the so-called ‘ equality of arms’ should be established. That means you should also have legal advice – without incurring any costs.

Insurance – A friend and helper ?!
The opposing insurance company may contact you in a friendly letter soon after the accident. Perhaps you even called the car insurer’s central hotline and they were offered to take care of claims handling and claims management.

Don’t be put off by this kindness: Insurance companies are companies that are optimized for profit. Therefore, liability insurers naturally want to spend as little money as possible on the settlement of a claim. The insurance of your opponent of the accident and also your own comprehensive and liability insurance want to “calculate” the damage. That cannot and will not be in your interest!

If the insurance company says they are not allowed to hire a lawyer or that legal fees are not paid, you should be suspicious. That’s not true. If you are not to blame for the accident, your third-party liability insurance must cover the costs for the lawyer. A traffic lawyer is your friend and helper. The insurance doesn’t.

The more an insurance company tries to talk you out of the lawyer, the more suspicious you should become.

The good side of traffic law: what you can and can count on

If you were innocently involved in an accident, the damage to your vehicle should be regulated as if the accident had never happened. As already mentioned above, the case law provides that you will not suffer any financial disadvantages. The only thing you have to do for this: You hire a specialist in traffic law because only one lawyer is exclusively committed to your concerns.

Only a traffic lawyer can help you make the most of your claims for damages.

*time is valuable
There is something that cannot be weighed in gold: your lifetime. If you hire a traffic lawyer, he will take care of all correspondence and communication with the insurance companies, the expert and the police. Your damage will be optimally regulated for you without any insurance company trying to intimidate you. Trust a legal professional and enjoy your time to recover from the horror of the accident.

Why a specialist lawyer?
We hear from customers now and then: “I have a lawyer who has also looked after me (my divorce, my house construction, my company foundation).” These lawyers are not specialists in traffic law. Based on our experience from many reports, we believe that the internal scoring of insurance companies leads to a deterioration in their starting point.

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