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If you insure your car, you can save money by keeping the driver group small. If more drivers are added later, this can easily be insured as a short-term expansion of the driver group. Here you can read what you have to watch out for when it comes to additional drivers. In addition, the car insurance experts at Stiftung Warentest have determined which additional driver rules apply to the individual insurers.

When the children have obtained the driver’s license
Can I have your car for a minute? Many car owners would have no problem with that – if it weren’t for their car insurance. If you are registered as a solo driver there, you cannot just let others behind the wheel. This is particularly hairy for parents when their daughter or son has obtained their driver’s license and now wants to drive. There are two solutions: Specifying the additional drivers in the motor vehicle insurance contract or briefly expanding the driver group.

Additional driver in the contract – young people particularly expensive
If third parties use the car frequently, there is no alternative but to include them in the motor vehicle policy as additional beneficiaries. That’s expensive. The spot checks by Stiftung Warentest show that when young people are registered, the annual accounts often rise very sharply. Some providers also charge double or more. The age limit is often 23 or 24 years. Therefore, a price comparison is particularly worthwhile if parents want to include newcomers to their license in their vehicle policy.

Tip: If you are considering this solution and want to pull the driver group very far, you should compare the prices carefully. The Stiftung Warentest’s individual car insurance comparison tariff calculator helps here.

Why young additional drivers are so expensive
The reason for the juicy surcharges is the high risk of accidents. Young people cause by far the most accidents, far more than seniors. Almost 20 percent of all accidents with personal injuries are accounted for by 18 to 24-year-olds.

Register driver briefly – you should note that
If young people only need the family car occasionally, you can register them at short notice, either for the day in question or for several days. Our query with the insurers shows that this is often also possible at no extra charge. Companies handle such cases differently. Some can only register an additional person once a year, others more often. For example, many limit the total period to four weeks. This means that the son or daughter can also use the car for a holiday of several weeks. Some take a flat rate, others collect a day. Sometimes you have to register beforehand and load an app on your cell phone, sometimes just call.

Example Württembergische: Additional protection is possible for every person, also by phone. When registering via email or WhatsApp, there is immediate provisional protection, even without confirmation from a consultant. This is possible for a maximum of 28 days. It costs 5.95 euros for a day and 89.95 euros for 28 days.

Can the protection for additional persons also be expanded?
Sometimes yes. With the HDI, for example, driver protection can also be secured for an additional charge. Then the foreign driver receives compensation if he injures himself in an accident he is responsible for. In addition, the HDI offers compensation if the damage-free discount of the car owner is reduced after an accident. The downgrade can cost several thousand euros over the next few years. The third-party driver must reimburse this out of his own pocket. Our free demotion calculator shows how much the demotion costs in individual cases.

When an undeclared person builds an accident
If someone is at the wheel who is not registered, the protection of the motor vehicle insurance is retained. In the event of an accident, liability and comprehensive insurance are charged. But: They often demand a penalty, often a full annual fee, sometimes twice as much. For example, Verti, the former Direct Line, takes an additional deductible of 2,500 euros if an unregistered person under the age of 24 causes collision damage. The insurers may also terminate the contract. Then it can be difficult to get a new comprehensive coverage elsewhere.

Personal liability insurance – these tariffs pay the downgrade

Anyone who has private liability insurance should look into the small print. Because there are some newer tariffs that cover at least part of the costs if you privately borrow a car from friends, build an accident and then have to replace the downgrading damage. These private liability tariffs do not pay for the repair of the car, for which the comprehensive insurance is responsible. But it assumes the additional costs if the car insurer downgrades the no-claims discount, and in some cases also the deductible that is due. The rules are different, some only pay a maximum of 1,000 euros. These private liability tariffs pay at least part of these costs:

Arag (Premium tariff), Axa (several tariffs), Barmenia (Premium), Basler (Ambiente Top), Condor (vehicle special), Continentale (vehicle component), DFV, liability insurance (simple complete), Ergo (premium, vehicle component) ), Fire Firm (additional protection), Gothaer (PH Premium), GVO (Top-Vit), HanseMerkur (Top), HDI (Premium Online), Helvetia (Baustein Plus), Interrisk (XXL), Janitos (Best Selection, OnlineMax), LBN (Besser +), Neodigital (Neo L), Nürnberger Allgemeine (KomfortPlus), NV (PrivatPremium 2.0), Public Braunschweig (Premium), East Angler (Exclusiv Fair Play Plus), R + V (KfzSpezial), Rhineland (Plus, Premium), Black Forest (Exclusiv Fair Play Plus Direkt), Signal Iduna (Auto module), SLP / Swiss Life (Prima Plus 2018), Insurance Chamber of Bavaria (additional protection), VHV (Classic Guarantee Exclusive), Prokundo (complete tariffs),Waldenburger (Premium Plus), Württembergische (PremiumSchutz), WWK (PHV Plus).

Can you insure additional drivers elsewhere?
The short-term expansion of the driver group is not available for all tariffs. If your own car insurer does not offer this, there is a way out an additional policy with another provider. Some pay the fine.

Take Barmenia, for example, Xtra driver protection is aimed at customers who have insured their car with another company. The car owner rents out his car without reporting this to his own car insurer. Instead, he reports it to Barmenia before each trip. This policy can also be concluded at short notice. It costs 5.49 euros for one day and 69.99 euros for 21 days. Other companies offer something similar. Friday, for example, takes 5.49 euros a day, SV Sparkassen Versicherung takes 6.75 euros. However, this variant is considered to be a breach of contract because you do not disclose the foreign driver of your own car insurance. The insurer could, therefore, terminate the contract.

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